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“A comprehensive design methodology for

sustainable and collaborative projects”


1st, 2nd-3rd May 2020


What is Dragon Dreaming?

Dragon Dreaming is a systemic design process for collaborative and sustainable projects, organizations and platforms working for social and environmental change. It integrates agile tools, dynamic, playful and collective intelligence, making the processes of creation, planning, management, and evaluation become lighter, more efficient, human and full of meaning.

Dragon Dreaming offers dynamic methods, processes and a philosophy for the realization of creative, collaborative and sustainable projects and organizations

It is a living systems approach and offers a set of tools based on project management, Australian Aboriginal wisdom, deep ecology and Living Systems Theory . The philosophy serves individuals, organisations and communities, in developing bold, transformative projects, that empower everyone involved and engage their own dreams, energy and growth.


This course is suitable for people who seek creative and collaborative ways to create, nurture and manage projects, resources and people. In addition, it is also suitable for people who are in transition, working in community networks, the environmental or social sector, public officials, members of NGO’s or communities, researchers, entrepreneurs and for everybody who wishes to realise successful projects in highly participatory and innovative ways.

With what tools will you leave the workshop:

  • Innovative participatory design strategies.

  • New models to establish objectives, goals and task plan through collective intelligence.

  • New tools to improve communication, trust and teamwork.

  • New tools to integrate celebration and reflection into work processes.

  • We will learn to provide and create solutions to the problems existing in the development process and work together as a team.

  • We will introduce a dynamic, flexible, innovative and multidimensional organization model that will incorporate new social and economic paradigms.

  • We will experience a new approach to create an organizational vision according to the needs of the changing market.

  • We will introduce tools to empower the employees of the organization, which allow developing leadership skills and expressing creativity.

  • We will combine pleasure and self-realization as a key component of success.

Intro video to Dragon Dreaming

Intro video to Dragon Dreaming

Fee | Time | Venue | Logistic

FRIDAY (May 3rd)

SATURDAY (May 4th)

SUNDAY (May 5th)


venue info and adress


Food info here


  • £100 (Low wage and concession - limited spaces)

  • £275 (Early bird until March 15th) (team sign up 3+)

  • £350 (Full fee)

  • £475 (Full fee plus... You are able to pay for your full fee and happy to contribute to support people on low income to take part)

For inclusivity and ease we have an inclusive payment strategy. More details are in the registration form.



Facilitated by:

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Dror Noy 


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Co-founder of Inside Hub and Yumajai, expert in social innovation, entrepreneur, facilitator of change through social technologies. His work and passion are found in the construction of communities, co-creation, creativity and systemic thinking, through which he explores a new future of learning, work and coexistence.


Talya weinberg


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Co-founder Yumajai and Inside Hub actress, social clown, entrepreneur and social innovator. Throughout her career she has specialised in physical, medical and social clown theater, social technologies, therapy techniques and specialisation in work with humour as a tool for research, community intervention and social transformation.

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